Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix

Even the novice fans of Marvel comics know who is Daredevil. He is one of the best Superheroes that Marvel has created. With hundreds of comics, as many cartoons and animated movies, a live-action film, and now a Netflix original TV-Series, Daredevil is one of the most loved superheroes. We are just discussing about the making of this dark and red superhero, who is a lawyer in real life and a very religious Christian. Yeah, yeah, everybody knows he is blind!


Daredevil reminds a lot of people about the DC Comics’ one of the greatest superheroes, Batman aka The Dark Knight (after Christopher Nolan has released his phenomenal Trilogy). However, we think Matt Murdock is less wealthy and he certainly has lost his sight. With that, he has a supernormal gift- or some say he has developed- the Radar sense. This special ability is similar to a sonar system that dolphins and bats use.



What else can Daredevil do?


The Daredevil also has his other four senses developed to exceptionally excellent levels, in terms of sensitivity. It is one of the reasons people say how he has developed his exceptional radar sense that helps him see or analyze his enemies or the situations. Check out the image from the comic:

With these abilities, Daredevil has also excelled in various martial arts, thanks to his blind master ‘Stick’ who has trained him to excel in various martial arts techniques. To name he uses Ninjutsu, Jujitsu, Kung Fu, Aiki Jujutsu, Capoeira, Wrestling, Judo, Aikido, American-style boxing, and stick fighting while making use of his brilliant gymnastics skills. Isn’t it jaw-dropping!


How did the Movie Go?

Well, almost, all of the Marvel and comic fans would know about this question, so we will just revise what happened to the movie starring Ben Affleck as Daredevil, released in 2003. Well, the movie didn’t attract many of the fans. Yes! It is one of the reasons why the news of Ben Affleck being the new Batman was extremely criticized by a significant number. Daredevil didn’t become a ‘good comic based film’, because it missed a lot from the comic. It had several severe blows from critics and fans. Even Ben Affleck acknowledged the failure of the film to put Daredevil in a Live Superhero action. Regardless of that, Daredevil is still embraced as one of the most popular comic book heroes.


What to Expect from Netflix’s Original Daredevil?

This brand new, Netflix Original, Marvel’s Daredevil, has launched two trailers that have given us hopes of a great show. The Daredevil is amazing? Yes. The Kingpin is badass? Yes. Daredevil gets a beating? Yes. Is it dark? Yes. Is he Religious? Apparently, yes. Hell’s Kitchen is crooked? Yes. But, these are not your expectations. These are just questions, if you haven’t watched the trailer yet. Watch both of the official trailers:


Now that you have seen both trailers, and I think most of you have seen it ‘Again!’ let’s see what we can expect from this amazing looking Netflix’s original daredevil?


Well the most highly anticipated expectation from this Netflix original is that it has to be better than the Affleck’s version of Daredevil. It was ruined and it’s not us claiming this, there are millions who claim that the live action movie of Daredevil was a disaster. So, this one has to be different from that disaster.


The touch of comic is essential, but it can be expected that this one will have more than just a touch from the comic that can make it awesome. It also has to have the darkness that is the essential part of Hell’s Kitchen and Daredevil.


Last, but not the least, Netflix must reveal the costume of Daredevil that will be red. It just has to be RED!


The show is coming on Netflix on April 10th and you’re all aware that it is most likely to be a binge-watch material. So get yourself ready for the amazing live action version of Marvel’s Daredevil as a Netflix’s original.

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