House of Cards Season 3: It just couldn’t get Any Better and Netflix Knew It

So, last weekend was a lockdown. Yes I admit, it certainly was a lockdown, a voluntary one, for seeing what Frank Underwood had more for us. It doesn’t even suit Frank in here to say what he got for us. So I would place it like, for seeing what Frank Underwood had more for him to thrive in the power game. The game of power, on which House of Cards had been walking on seemed to be congealed with Frank getting the Presidency, but Season 3 had something exceptionally more crazier, at least for me. The whole development of phenomenal tension in 677 minutes long season 3 of House of Cards was a cold delight to watch. The divide in the Underwoods, from mental to physical to ideological, made Frank darker than ever. I mean, the two were not even sleeping on one bed, not even in one room in the White House.


I won’t tell you guys more about what happened in House of Cards Season 3, because everyone couldn’t just run the whole marathon of this cold, dark, and thrilling drama. Yeah, one thing I would like to notify about Netflix that it’s actually very amazing of Netflix that it lets the whole dozen of super duper, cold, and classy episodes altogether. This is something what I can call the perfect blend of quantity and quality. Netflix knows people love freedom, and waiting for episodes after waiting of the whole year just doesn’t please the viewers. This is why, Netflix is the streaming giant. Well having said that, do check the House of Cards Season 3, if you haven’t finished yet, because I am losing my patience to spoil your show. So I would stop here and tell you that Kevin Spacey is just too damn amazing as Frank Underwood.

P.S. Have you seen the Pussy Riot? Yeah, it’s there in Season 3.


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