Former Hulu CEO Goes After YouTube With Vessel

Hulu is well built and Jason Kilar, former CEO of Hulu, has his eyes set on competing with YouTube with his new video streaming platform named Vessel. YouTube is a giant platform for video streaming and it has numerous subscribers from all over the globe. However, Kilar seems to be interested in giving this giant direct competition with Vessel that has opened an invite-beta a couple of weeks back. The tagline of Vessel is very interesting, as it seems to directly compete with the short form video streaming giant i.e. YouTube. The tagline says “Watch your favorites here first”, so it must have come up with something outrageous to give YouTube a competition.

Vessel is a subscription based video streaming service that will provide the latest short form videos like web series, music videos, TV segments before these are available anywhere else. The signups will take $2.99 per month for these latest and exclusive video contents. But, there’s a catch for competition. The unpaid users will also get to watch videos that have been released on general web as advertisement supported versions. The vision of Kilar is basically to make it accessible anywhere fans have internet connections and screens including smart TVs, game consoles, and any other medium. It can be translated as Vessel is going to be the next YouTube with the option of subscription for latest video content that’s not released anywhere else yet. It certainly does sound interesting as YouTube will have a valuable competitor now. Keeping in mind the performance of Kilar in elevating the numbers of subscribers for Hulu, Vessel can be the next big thing in the streaming industry.


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