Whats Trending Hot on Netflix This Week

After a slightly roughed up January for Netflix subscribers, the new titles have been released. Major BBC shows were announced to be expired that really affected the viewers especially the fans of Dr. Who and My Little Pony. The news of Top Gear leaving Netflix was also a disappointing blow to the fans. The new seasons for these and other popular BBC shows are being taken away due to some changes in contract between Netflix and BBC, but the latest reports suggest that nothing like this is going to happen. Last minute deal between Netflix and BBC confirmed that Doctor Who, Top Gear, Luther and other notable BBC shows have renewed. Phew that’s a relief.

Unblock DR.Who on Netflix

But the coming of February has also healed many bruises of Netflix Subscribers. Starting with the most anticipated Season 3 of House of Cards that is beginning in February. There are several more promising content for the Netflix subscribers to compensate for the bumpy January.

Unblock Top gear anywhere

The new list of February includes a fascinating combination of some gray classics and recent popular favorites. The whole month of February is packed with fantastic entertainment packed joyride with all the movies and TV shows scheduled in February. To name a few, Departures: Seasons One and Two, M*A*S*H: Seasons One-Five, Spartacus: The Complete Series, Dwight Howard: In the Moment, and the most favorite House of Cards Season Three. These and other scheduled content can make Netflix subscribers forget the roller coaster of January.


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