Robben Burst Out to Bayern Munich Critics

Bayern Munich Fans be it local or international are not really convinced at the end of the season as what they have performed against Real Madrid. Certainly there is a lot to find out on what has turned out against Real Madrid in a semi final 2nd leg which was held nowhere but Allianz Arena their home ground. No one would have expected such a score from them and such blunders which happened in the game.

On a serious note, not even Real Madrid fans have had thought that they could make a difference of 5 goals and secure such a convincing and dominating win. Bayern Fans are still to over come this defeat as they have to face so much of comments and posts that trolls their favorite player and club, despite all the stars and one of the best coach they have failed to make an impact. A loss would not have hurt this much but such a dominating game against them that started with Sergio Ramos Header in the early minutes and Ronaldo securing the defeat in the second half.

Robber, Bayern Munich Winger have burst out on its critics saying that the team has performed significantly this year as well as previous year, no team can win each year and each day. One should accept the defeat, acceptance is necessary but giving up makes it permanent so we are up for more challanges. He further added that team is determined to perform well, and individuals are not eyeing towards worldcup to perform for their Nation


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