Imran Khan vs Geo and Jang Group

A political battle, or a battle to gain for sympathies and drag audience. These things are yet to be determined before one can reach any conclusion the allegations which Mr.Skipper (Kaptaan) Imran Khan, PTI chairman has put on the Media giant of Pakistan for their involvement in rigging of elections 2013. What the most firm point geo has given in their report is the fact that vote counts happen in the presence of all party representatives in each of the polling station.

Rigging can or may take place during the vote count or before the vote count, not after the vote count hence the allegations seems to have no pillars no stability. So there is no way rigging can be happened after it, as pollings finished at 5-6 pm, no media can interfere be it Geo or ARY.

Geo further adds another valid point which says that why Express news is not being targetted by Imran and PTI as they also stated that PML-N can form government in Central Punjab yes Ayaz Khan the senior Journalist of Express News stated this even before the official results were out.

Geo claims that we have been following the same procedures in each and every election, that we air un official result and than official result only after confirmation, so accusing geo does not make any sense. We have to wait and see how the Chairperson Mr.Imran Khan takes on this and come up with solid proofs and evidences. Differences of opinions may exist and this is what has made people eager and enthralling. Keep reading Grinms


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