Jury picks Life Time Awards for Legends

ICC Jury members has given away the verdict for some extreme popular cricketers as an honor and to appreciate their contribution in the world cricket.

Though most of the people are mocking the decision made by jury members few still seems to agree when it comes to their cricketing God Sachin Tendulkar as he has been chosen as Cricketer of the Generation. The decision was made by the 50 Former and current cricketer who are part of jury which also include few top journalists.

Mitchell Johnson for his recent performance in a test ashes against England made him won the Test bowling title and Pakistani Star Cricketer Shahid Afridi is awarded ODI Bowling award for his spectaculor spell against West Indies and master blaster inning in the same match.

Considering these awards to be based by a performance on just few games is a bit to ridiculous. As people does not seem to be satisfied for awards being nominated by ICC. Recently talked controversy of the Big 3 has already made half of the cricket audience bogus but International Cricket Council does not seem to give anything about it.

ICC T20 World Cup is ahead, which is going to be hosted by Bangladesh not a BIG3 associate, and people are looking forward to cheer for any nation except for those part of BIG3 i.e Australia, India and England 


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