Where did MH370 dissapeared?

The flight MH370 was taking off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China but got dissapeared in the middle of the journey.

The plane lost contact in the middle, and what happens next is history, for the first time search and rescue team has failed to reach to the lost plane in 7 days uptill now. The incident happened on 8th march 2014 and made every one stunned.

After approx 8 days, CNN states that the flight has crashed in an Indian ocean but yet to be assured, they said that flight has changed altitude and direction drastically after loosing its connection from Radar. These things raised a question that who was at the control of jetliner and who risked the life of 239 passengers in which 2 were infants.

The flight has likely crashed in Bay of Bengal or either somewhere in Indian ocean, The plane diverted to west across the Malayan peninsula and than went to the north west direction to the Bay of Bengal when the location was lost by the Radar. The relatives and kindred souls waiting at Beijing airport were still awaiting for their loved ones till they hear the news and scenario their went worse.

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