Never Regret Any Thing You Have Now

Never be mean to anything you have now, as the favor you might be getting today might not be available for you in the future. I would not be too emotional and hyper on this topic, but certainly want to clear the facts for the people belonging to any culture, civilization. Either you are a well settled upper middle class, or unsettled lower middle class, it happens with all of us. We sometimes over look or ignore a precious gem, but when he/she is not around us than we regret our decisions.

It is being observed now a days very rarely that, we are being hell of addicted to technological innovations around us and might not be giving the same attention we used to give to people around us.

Are we really showing off via twitter and google plus that we are quite social and we love socializing etc, but in real life we are actually ignoring some most important and valuable people in our life who will never come back if once lost. As an individual, we revolve around many responsibilities and scenarios and we have to pick up an option in between love and hate. Think how important people nearby us are and what scenario and things will be if they were not around you when you needed them the most

Think care, breathe, live and let others live with no regrets and no sorrows, life will not give anyone, another chance.


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